Professional oral expression workshop, writing expression workshop and creative writing workshop

Why pay for a conversation workshop when you can do conversation exchange for free on the Internet or face to face? 

For the reason that an oral expression workshop is not just about having a simple conversation, or a conversation exchange. The workshop can take the form of a conversation or oral expression exercises, and the objective is not to exchange languages, or speak only part of the time in the language you are learning. You are with a teacher, and not with another learner. 

Conversation exchanges with another learner, whether online or face to face, are a great way to practice a language with a native if your objective is not to lose the language skills you have already acquired, they can also be a great way to make new friends, but their limit is that there are no real, structured educational objectives behind them. You do not learn a language from scratch with a conversation exchange, for instance.  

By participating to an online oral expression workshop with a native language teacher, you have the guarantee that this workshop will take the form of a real and well prepared lesson, even if you do not have the impression to be taking a lesson but having a simple conversation. where the subjects and material proposed, as well as the progression*, will be very carefully prepared and adapted to your needs and your exact level in oral understanding and oral expression. 

Guided conversations, descriptions of images, improvisations of stories, oral games and oral exercises... The possibilities of activities are endless!

If you have already reached level B1, the workshop can also include an online lecture, that can last as long (or as little) as your wish, from 5 minutes to the full hour if you feel like it, about a subject you are particularly interested in, or, if you prefer, a subject that I will pick in a (real) hat. It can be any subject, whether literary, scientific, artistic... The sky is the limit! You will present your subject during your oral expression workshop, trying to get as little help as possible from your notes. This activity can be prepared in advance for the next session.

It is like walking on a timeline, at your pace, towards your objectives in oral language. 

*introduction of new vocabulary at the right moment, re-use of this vocabulary in the next session, repetition if needed, revisions, logical progression in the introduction of new oral subjects, also working from documents...

The writing expression workshop is different from the creative writing workshop in the sense that in a writing expression/production workshop the objective is not to produce a literary text or play with the language. The writing production workshop is not a creative one, but a technical workshop focused on practical writing exercises.

In this workshop, two subjects are proposed every week and you choose the one you feel most comfortable with. 

It can be an image or a painting to describe, a dialogue to write or re-write, a postcard, letter, telegram or longer text to write or complete, a sound or music to describe, or any other type of written production exercise...

The possibilities of exercises are endless!

You are not left alone in front of your page, and grammar, vocabulary and spelling are studied during the writing process. 

Are you ready to take up the challenge of exploring creative writing in French? This creative writing workshop is for you!

It is available at level C1 and above.
This is a great way to put into practice and develop your writing skills in French and get to know more about French and Francophone literature. 

The cultural dimension is more present in this creative writing workshop than in the writing expression workshop. 

During the first part of the workshop, we study texts of all nature and styles (descriptions, poems, excerpts of novels, news, parodies...) created by some of the best French or francophone writers (poets, novelists, scenario writers, philosophers and essayists, song writers, comedians...), journalists, historians... 

We study the very rich world of figures of speech. 

We also create texts based on play on words, associations of ideas, as well as texts in the form of acrostics, calligrams...

The possibilities of activities are endless!

During the second part of the session, the objective of the workshop is for you to produce your own text "in the style of...", with your own personal touch and creativity. 

You are not left alone during the creative process. The texts can be written with the help of your teacher. In that case, the potential corrections are made as we go. 

Some students prefer to work on their own. In that case, the corrections are made at the very end of the workshop. 

I can also send you the corrections by email before the next session. 

You don't need to rush to create your text as it can be finished after the session, or the workshop can be extended for a supplement 15 or 30 minutes, depending on our availabilities, at no extra cost.

Students who participate in more than twenty workshop sessions will receive free of charge, after their participation, a beautiful pdf presenting all their creations.

This is a very entertaining workshop and you will surely have a lot of fun joining in!

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