Themed lessons

- Most of the time, once students have attended their free introductory interview and trial lessons, they book a regular lesson corresponding to their level of language. A regular lesson is integrated in a progression, that is to say a programme elaborated to help the student make regular progress in the acquisition of language competences. This programme follows the recommendations of the CEFR.

- "Themed lessons" are not part in a progression. They are intended to work on one particular notion, theme, situation of communication, situations of life or competence only, and this is why they are offered at a reduced price. 

Although they are more adapted to students with a level from A1 to B1, they can be booked by any student at any stage of their learning process. They can also be booked if the student wishes to have a revision of that particular notion or competence.

Duration: one hour. 

Students who are taking regular (progressive) lessons can book the "themed lessons" instead of a regular lesson when they have reached the point in their progression when this lesson will be introduced. The teacher will always warn them of this possibility.

Students who have bought a pack of 10 lessons at a regular price and need to study a "themed lesson" will receive a refund corresponding to: 

(price of one hour in their pack) - (price of the "themed lesson") = amount of their refund.

List of all themed lessons:

- Ask your way in French

- At the doctor's, the dentist's, the pharmacy

- At the post office

- At the marketplace

- At the restaurant, the café

- At the supermarket

- At the bank

- On the phone

- In the bus, the metro, the railway station

- Learn to read the time in French

- Weights, measures and quantities

- Fill a French administrative form (especially for A1.1 and A1 students)

- Talk about the weather, present a weather forecast

- Currencies in the French speaking world: Euros, Franc Pacific*, Swiss Francs, and also Canadian dollar and Franc CFA**

- French highway code

- Different ways to ask questions in French

* Used in French Polynesia, New Caledonia, and Wallis and Futuna.

** Canadian dollar is also used in the non French-speaking parts of Canada (like the Euro, which is the currency of France, Belgium and Luxembourg, is used elsewhere in EU), and CFA Franc is the remains of French colonization in West Africa, and for that reason is the object of controversies in some countries. These two currencies will be mentioned, but not studied in detail. 

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