Introductory interview

If you choose to study French with lessons, you need to book a Free introductory interview before starting your course. 

You do not need to attend this interview if you wish to book:

- a themed lesson (ie "Ask your way in French")

- an oral expression (conversation and/or oral exercises) workshop

- a writing expression workshop

- you need this FFI if you wish to book a creative writing workshop.

What is the interview about?

All students are different. A method that works for one person may not work for another one. This is the reason why I ask students to book a (free and with no commitment whatsoever) introductory interview. 

You will find my agenda at the bottom of the homepage.

This interview allows me to know you better so I can create lessons which are fully adapted to you and your needs, and it also allows you to make sure that I am the right teacher for you and you will feel comfortable with me.

This is a free 30 to 60 minutes dialogue, carried out in English, during which we will talk about:

- your feelings about learning French and your objectives,

- the kind of student you are (example: visual or audio memory), 

- your level of French if you know it, 

- whether or not you intend to take an exam,

- how you like to be corrected,

- your availabilities for lessons and homework,

- the method of learning you prefer.

I will also, if you wish, introduce you to the different apps and tools we will use during our lessons.

I will provide you with a language test I have created. You will not have to take this test if you have never learnt French or you know that your level is below A1. 

You will receive a coupon code which will allow you to book your trial lesson, individual lesson, or pack of 10 lessons, with a 20% discount. 

Prepare for the meeting

I will send you a pad with the content of the interview a few days before our meeting.

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