Tutorial: how to receive Telegram booking notifications?

If you have a Telegram account, you can subscribe to Telegram booking notifications (hover mouse)* directly from your Agenda account (in your booking history), or from the confirmation page after booking a lesson. 

Example of booking from a telephone:

On your desktop. Your booking history:

Click on the button, and follow the instructions, as explained below, to subscribe to my channel:

Clicking on the button "Subscribe to notifications" will show you this page with a QR Code, a link called "Booking", and a temporary code. 

If you are not familiar with QR Codes, choose to click on the word "Booking" to open my Booking Telegram channel, and enter your temporary code, either directly in a message, or after having clicked on "Subscription". The Bot will send you a confirmation of your subscription (and other notifications if you cancel or reschedule your booking). 

That's as simple as that! 

Please note that Learn French Step by Step is totally independant from Telegram, and can not be held responsible in case of a technical problem with Telegram. Should this happen to you, please contact Telegram's team directly.

Examples of notifications received on Telegram:

Please feel free to contact me if you need help or more information.

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