Original lyrics in French 

(The translation in English that I found is acceptable, I have just corrected a few mistakes)


A statue will never be big enough
To pass the top of the smallest poplar
And the trees have infinitely softer hearts
Than that of the men who planted them
To touch the wisdom that never will come
I would exchange the sap of the first olive tree
Against my impure blood of civilized being
Anonymous responsible for all the blood spilled
Tired, tired
Tired of the lie and the truth
That I thought so beautiful, that I wanted to love
And who is so cruel that I burned myself
Tired, tired
Tired of living on planet earth
On this bit of dust, on this shabby rock
On this fake star lost in the universe
Cradle of stupidity and realm of evil
Where the most evolved among creatures
Invented hatred, racism and war
And the cursed power that corrupts the purest
And gets the wise man to spit on his brother
Tired, tired
Tired of talking, tired of being silent
When a child is hurt, when his mother is raped
When half the world murders a third
Tired, tired
Tired of these men who killed the Indians
Slaughtered the whales, and gagged life
Exterminated the wolves, put collars on the dogs
Who even managed to spoil the rain
The list is way too long of everything that makes me sick
From the banal horror of the smallest news item
There's no more room in my heart
To accommodate the revolt, the disgust, the anger
Tired, tired
Tired of hoping and tired of believing
To these ideas held like banners
And for which so many men have known the slaughterhouse
Tired, tired
I would like to be a tree, drink at the water of storms
To be fed by the earth, be a bird friend
And then having my head so high in the clouds
So that no man can plant a flag on it
I would like to be a tree and sink my roots
In the heart of this earth that I love so much
And that these f*** men every day murder (I took the liberty to hide the word)
I would like the silence at last and then the wind
Tired, tired
Tired of hating and tired of loving
Say no more, never shout again
Tired of speeches, sacred words
Tired, tired
Tired of smiling, tired of crying
Tired of looking for some traces of love
In the ocean of mud where thinking sinks
Tired, tired..

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