Correction service

Are you learning French on your own? You have done an exercise and can't find anybody to correct it? 
I am here to help! 
For a small fee, I will send you a personalized and detailed correction that will help you progress in your language learning journey. 

Price of the service: 5£

Do not use this service if you are a school or university student and you wish to increase your grades by having your homework corrected before submitting it to your teacher. By using this service, you agree and confirm that you are not a school or university student.

Please note that this is not a translation service. All translation requests "Language to French" or "French to Language" will be refunded.

4 files maximum per request. You can upload: 

- One .pdf file (5 pages maximum)

- One .mp3 file (5 mn audio maximum)

- One .mp4 file (5 mn video maximum)

- One .jpg. 

Please do not send any doc files as they will not be opened and, for privacy reasons, do not send your files through Messenger, Telegram or WhatsApp.

After sending the file(s), please proceed to the checkout. 

Payments are fully secure with Paypal, Stripe, Square, or Google Pay through Square. 

You will receive a confirmation email for all the files you have uploaded, and another confirmation email for your payment.

The correction will be sent to you by encrypted email, from 

Please also check your spam box, and add to your contacts list.

You are entitled to a full refund after using the correction service if your exercise was correct and did not need any correction at all. I will accept to partially refund the service if there were very few corrections to be made on your work. However, if you are not entitled to a refund, you can ask me all the questions and precisions you need after receiving your exercise back.  

Your payment will also be fully refunded, and no correction will be made, if you have sent by mistake a translation request, and if at least one of the documents you have sent is a .doc file. 

This correction service is GDPR compliant. Please read Learn French Step by Step's Privacy Policy for more information.

The file uploader forms are provided by Tally,  Swiss Transfer,  and Testmoz.

Students based in the EU or EEA 
should use Tally or Swiss Transfer.

- Tally is based in Belgium and is fully GDPR compliant. 

- Swiss Transfer is based in Switzerland. All data is stored in Switzerland. Switzerland is in the European Commission's list of adequate countries based outside EU concerning data protection. 

Students based outside EU and EEA can also use Testmoz.

- Testmoz is based in the USA and can be used only by students based outside of EU or EEA, as data sent through this service is stored in the USA.
Please note that European Union is currently working on allowing EU data to be stored in the USA. More info here and here.

By entering your personal information in the forms below (full name, and email address to receive the answer to your question) you give your explicit consent to the collection, the storage and the use of your data. Please contact me if you wish your data to be deleted immediately after receiving your correction. It will be done as soon as I have received your request.

If you are based in the EU or EEA, please use one of these two options:

Tally's file uploader form

If you are based outside of EU or EEA, you can also use this file uploader.

After uploading your files, please proceed to checkout. 
You can choose between Paypal, Stripe or Square.

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