Cancellations and Refunds.

Lessons can be cancelled and fully refunded up to 30 mn before they are due. 

The refund will be sent to your Paypal account or the card used for the purchase.

You can reschedule or cancel your lesson or workshop as many times as you wish. 

You can, if you wish, explain the reason of your cancellation but it is not compulsory. You are entitled to cancel a lesson within the time allowed without having to justify the reason.

You can reschedule your lesson from your agenda account, up to 30 mns before the lesson is due.

Please contact me if you need to cancel or reschedule your lesson or workshop less than 30mns before it is due, as you will not be able to do it from your agenda account.

In case I am offline the chat service, please leave a message.

A 10% administration charge may be taken by Learn French Step by Step if the lesson or workshop is cancelled less than 30 minutes before it is due. This is not compulsory and needs to be discussed with your teacher.

Students who do not cancel and miss their lesson or workshop will not be refunded, unless there was an acceptable reason for them to do so. If a refund is granted, a 10% administration charge will be taken by Learn French Step by Step.

Coupon code after the Free Introductory interview

At the end of your Free Introductory Interview, you will receive a 20% off coupon code to use with either your trial lesson or any other service*

If you have not used it for your trial lesson, but do not wish to carry on with me after this trial lesson, I will refund 20% from the price of your trial lesson. 

*If you are happy with your trial session and wish to carry on learning French with me, you might be interested in buying a pack of ten lessons, rather than individual lessons. You will benefit from two free lessons per pack. 

These packs also exist for workshops and preparations of exams (DELF/DALF) and tests (TCF/TEF).

If you buy a pack of 10 lessons with your coupon code but wish to end the lessons before using all the pack, please read the Cancellation and Refund Policy.

10 hours packs.

Lessons you can not attend after buying a pack are refunded in the same conditions as other lessons, except that they are refunded at the "pack" price (price of the pack divided by ten). 

However, if students attend less than 5 lessons in total in their pack, or if they request a refund after less than 5 lessons, then the lessons already taken will be charged at their normal price (= the price they cost when bought individually) and the refund will be recalculated accordingly. 


Mr XYZ has bought a pack of 10 lessons for £160 (or the equivalent in your currency). Normally, 10 lessons cost £200 if bought individually. Mr XYZ attends only 4 lessons, and cancels the remaining lessons. Instead of receiving a refund of  £96, he will receive a refund of £80 (4 lessons at £20 = £80. £160 - £80 = £80).

This does not apply if the pack was bought with a coupon code. The coupon code is a gift given to you by your teacher, and in case of a refund request, no lesson will be charged at the normal price even if the student cancels the pack after less than five lessons, or has attended less than 5 lessons from the 10 lessons booked.

Unless you warn me you do not want to proceed with the remaining lessons and request a refund, lessons in a pack may not be refunded immediately after cancellation, but at the end of the ten hours course, once the exact number of attended lessons is known. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Students who have bought a pack of 10 lessons at a regular price and need to study a theme that is the object of a "one off lesson" will receive a refund corresponding to: 

(price of one hour in their pack) - (price of the "one off lesson") = amount of their refund.

Cancellations and loyalty points.

Please note that if you cancel a lesson, you will lose the loyalty points corresponding to it. 

If you cancel a 10 hour pack before finishing it, you lose the loyalty points corresponding to the unattended lessons. Also, the points you keep will always correspond to the number you would have earned if you had bought each attended lesson individually, even if you have bought the pack with a coupon code.

You are entitled to a full refund after using the correction service if your exercise was correct and did not need any correction at all. I will accept to partially refund the service if there were very few corrections to be made on your work. However, if you are not entitled to a refund, you can ask me all the questions and precisions you need after receiving your exercise back.  

Your payment will also be fully refunded, and no correction will be made, if you have sent by mistake a translation request, and if at least one of the documents you have sent is a .doc file. 

Satisfied or Refunded Guarantee

"Ask a question" service

You benefit from a Satisfied or Refunded Guarantee when you use the Ask a question service. Not happy with your answer? Any other problem? Although this service is based on donation, you are entitled to a refund. Contact me by email to ask for more explanation at no extra cost, or a full refund. Please use the same email that you entered in the question form. 

In case you choose the supplement to your question, it will be sent in 24 hours maximum. In case you choose a full refund, it will be sent immediately if I am online, and in any case in 24 hours maximum.

Please contact me if you are not satisfied with the lesson or workshop you have attended and you feel you are entitled to a refund. I am here to help.

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