Level C introduces much more complexity and goes deeper into the subjects introduced in level A and developped in level B. Written texts and audio documents are longuer and more difficult.

Each new level develops and reinforces the notions, vocabulary and competences learnt in the previous level. Only the new notions and competences are explained in the programme summaries below:

What is the programme at level C1 and level C2?

At the end of level C1, you will be able to:

- Analyse a text in depth,
- Reformulate,
- Debate,
- Master all the different registers of language,
- Use idiomatic expressions,
- Express irony, humour...

All the grammarical notions seen previously are developped in a more complex way at level C1. 

From level C1, you will also be able to participate in a creative writing workshop.

Level C2 is often called the Mastery level. It is the level of expertise. You have become almost fluent in French, and are capable of communicating (oral and written communication) in a clear, structured, complex and detailed way. 

At the end of level C2:

- You are capable of understanding and producing literary texts, and complex texts like scientific articles, abstract texts (abstract poetry, surrealist texts...),
- You are familiar with all different styles of writing, and figures of speech (metaphor...),
- You understand play on words, riddles...,
- You are capable of understanding any audio document (lecture, radio, television...), whatever the subject and whatever the speed adopted by the speaker,
- You speak French with no effort, in a very natural way,
- You are capable of understanding regional accents and expressions (regions of France and specificities of the French language as spoken in other Francophone countries),
- You are familiar with all registers of languages and also certain categories of slang (please note that slang changes according to the regions, the age of the speaker, the date... and therefore is in constant evolution),
- Your vocabulary is vast and varied, and you master nearly all, if not all, idiomatic expressions,
- You can correct your own mistakes, if any, and you are capable of finding very quickly, if not instantaneously, the exact synonym of any word that could escape you during a conversation or a written project,
- You are not making any spelling mistakes anymore,
- You are capable of translating simoultaneously in your mother tongue...

And so much more! 😀

Have you got doubts that you can reach such a high level in French language?

Let me tell you one thing, just one thing:


To know all about the cultural content of the lessons, please read this article.

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