How to have fun learning seriously?

Learn French Step by Step offers

Professional oral expression workshops and writing workshops.

Highest quality French lessons for all levels: A1.1 to C2

Preparation for DILF, DELF, DALF exams, and for TCF and TEF tests

And a lot of fun learning French!

"Ce que l'on conçoit bien s'énonce clairement, et les mots pour le dire arrivent aisément." *

"Qui peut le plus peut le moins."**

Hi there! 

Are you a complete beginner in French? Or an intermediate or advanced learner? 

Whatever your needs, whether you want to kickstart your French or take it to the next level, you are at the right place.

Meet an excellent French teacher offering exceptional quality lessons and workshops, in a fun and creative atmosphere.

My name is Erica Hunt, aka "Detective Erica, always looking for clues and explanations". 

I am a native French speaker from Paris. I was born in Paris and have lived there all my life, until I moved to beautiful England with my British husband. 

I am passionate about teaching French. I have been a face to face and online French tutor for eleven years, teaching not only my mother tongue to non French speakers of all ages, but also English to children and teenagers when I was still living in Paris. 
I have helped many students progress and achieve their objectives. 

I started teaching online during the first covid lockdown with the students I already knew, as it was not possible to see them face to face anymore, and absolutely loved to teach from home with modern technologies. 

This is why I have created Learn French Step by Step in May 2022, and I now offer French lessons online for students in all countries* and all backgrounds, and for all levels: from A1.1 to C2 [A1.1 = absolute beginner, A1 = beginner, A2 = beginner to intermediate (also called "Lower intermediate"), B1 = intermediate, B2 = intermediate to advanced (also called "Upper intermediate"), C1 = advanced, C2 = very advanced]. 

I am an expert in teaching languages. I went to University in the heart of Paris, in the "Quartier Latin" (the Latin Quarter), first studying English and obtaining a Master's degree, and then studying a few years later French as a Foreign Language (Français Langue Etrangère = FLE) and linguistics. I obtained a Master's degree in FLE, followed by a "DEA"** of Teaching Languages and Cultures, option FLE. 

I do not teach groups of students, because I believe that you learn much better when the teacher is entirely at your disposal during the lesson, and has prepared a lesson which is designed specially for you and your needs. This is why I have chosen from the beginning of my language teaching career to teach only on the basis of private individual tutoring, and not in language schools or other forms of institutions. 

I am also passionate about history, antiques, arts and sciences. I love reading, watching movies, listening to music, spending a lot of time in museums and libraries, cooking, taking photos and painting. 

By choosing to learn French with me, you will benefit from exceptional quality one-to-one only online lessons at a very affordable price. You are sure to make progress in your language skills, and have fun learning at the same time.

*Please contact me if you are not based in Europe and the opening hours in my agenda do not match your availabilities. I will  do my utmost to assist you.    

**DEA, meaning Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies, was a degree between the Master's and the Doctorate. It is now called the Master2. 

 Is learning a language fun? 

It definitely is, especially when your teacher is creative, provides rich, interesting, very varied and adapted material, uses for lessons and exercises many different great softwares, apps and tools that make learning a modern, attractive and interactive activity, also uses all sorts of videos, games, riddles, songs... I have also set up a system of virtual badges that you earn, rewarding you with coupon codes after you have earned a certain number of them. The more badges you win, the less you pay (ps not to the point that my lessons end up being free of course 😉)

All you need is your enthusiasm, a desktop or laptop computer with a good and stable internet connexion, plus a webcam and a headset. 

I follow the CEFR (also called CEFRL) levels of language learning, which was elaborated by the Council of Europe. 

Whether or not you wish to take an exam in French, whether you wish to learn a bit of French to be able to speak while on holiday or improve and increase your knowledge, my lessons are based on this CEFR. 

However, the methods of teaching vary, and are always adapted to your needs and follow your preferences. 

Unless you prefer to work on a few competences only, my lessons always incorporate a range of speaking, listening, reading and writing activities.  

Three different workshops are available for students who wish to improve their conversation or writing skills, or learn French in a creative way.

Learning a language is not only about learning pronunciation, vocabulary, syntax or grammar... It is also about learning to communicate, and learning the culture(s) of the country (or countries) that speaks this language. 

Culture obviously includes the history, the geography (as it influences regional cultures), the traditions, mentality, beliefs and values of the country, the arts... but it also includes things we rarely think of like body language, which can be different from one country to another. 

The cultural dimension is always included in my lessons. 

To know more about the cultural content of the lessons, please read this article.

Please book a free introductory interview before starting your course. The objective of this interview is to determine your needs and your requirements.

You do not have to attend this interview if you book a themed lesson, or if you wish to participate to a workshop.

To know more about this interview before booking it, please read this article.

I am a very flexible and dedicated teacher, always very attentive to the needs, desires and special requests of my students, so whether you wish to follow a workshop, some lessons or prepare an exam or a test, please do not hesitate to book your free introductory interview on the agenda, on the homepage. 

I am looking forward to meeting you! 

What we conceive well is clearly stated, and the words to say it come easily.
** Who can do more can do less.

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