CEFR Levels of language

The CEFR (CECR in French) organizes the groups for levels of language with letters and numbers. 

Each group corresponds to a specific level.

A1.1 = absolute beginner

A1 = beginner

A2 = beginner to intermediate

B1 = intermediate

B2 = intermediate to advanced

C1 = advanced

C2 = very advanced

You may not be at the same level in each competence: for example you may be in level A2 at oral understanding and level B1 in written understanding. 

If this is the case for you, we will work, during the lessons, on your specific level of language for each competence. Only a positioning test can determine with precision what level of language you have reached in each competence. 

When you subscribe to the newsletter, I encourage you to inform me about your level of language so I can send you the correct extras. You need to estimate globally what your level is, or if you have already taken a positioning test, please tell me the result and if it showed that you have different levels for each competence, write down the level corresponding to the average for the four competences (oral understanding, written understanding, oral expression and written expression).

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