The Vendée Arctique race

Yesterday, 12th June 2022, was the departure, in Les Sables d'Olonnes, France, of the second edition of the Vendée Arctique race (the Arctic Vendée), which is a sort of short version of the amazing Vendée Globe.

Like the Vendée Globe, the Vendée Arctique is single-handed, non-stop and without assistance. 

The introduction website in English explains that the Vendée Arctique is "a demanding 3500-mile course racing into hostile, northern, Arctic waters. The sailing conditions are expected to be tough, similar to those encountered in a Vendée Globe."

The Vendée Arctique is a qualifying race for the Vendée Globe. To be qualified, skippers will have to take part in at least one other major race. The list of these races is in the introduction.

This year, twenty five skippers of several nationalities will compete against each other in the Vendée Arctique. You might be able to follow and support your country's skipper:

- 1 Italian skipper: Giancarlo Pedote. Number 03.

1 Belgian skipper: Denis Van Weynbergh. Number 09.

- 1 skipper with French German dual nationality: Isabelle Joschke. Number 10.

- 1 Swiss skipper: Alan Roura. Number 13. His boat is now "Hublot".

- 1 Hungarian skipper: Szabolcs Weöres. Number 17

- 1 British skipper: Pip Hare. Number 23

- 1 skipper with New Zealand USA dual nationality: Conrad Colman. Number 24.

- 1 Japanese skipper: Kojiro Shiraishi. Number 25.

- and 17 French skippers.

Please read this page in English if you would like to follow the race, which will last approximately twelve days from the day of departure.

And as we say in French: "Bon vent !", litterally "Good wind", which can mean "good trip", "goodbye", "good luck"... This expression is normally used by sailors or people who have a passion for the sea, but everybody can use it if they wish to. 

It was used at the end of each edition of the French television show  "Thalassa", which was about everything related to the sea (fishing, races, protection of the environment, visits of islands...) by its first presentator (and creator of the show) Georges Pernoud, from september 1975 until he retired in 2017. Georges Pernoud died in 2021.

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